Research Consulting

As an experienced instructor and qualitative researcher, I can provide a range of support services for academic learning and qualitative and mixed methods research projects. In the past, my independent consulting services have included supporting university and postgraduate level students in editing their academic writing projects, transcribing research interviews and focus groups, and a range of research project support, from conducting literature reviews, supporting qualitative data coding and sorting, and completing data entry.

Academic editing, proofreading and writing instruction: I am a trained writing tutor, having trained at the University of Delaware’s Writing Center in 2001 to work one-on-one and in small groups with students who are struggling with their writing. I provide both editing and proofreading services to academic writers, along with one-on-one writing tutoring, either virtually or in person. My goal is to not only help writers to create a more polished draft of a particular written work, through the provision of careful edits and narrative feedback, but also to strengthen writers’ confidence and to help them to develop practical skills to improve their writing in the future.

Research Transcription: I have been doing research interview and focus group transcription both to support my own and others’ research for 12 years. I have experience transcribing both single and multiple speaker interviews and focus groups, including both audio and video recordings. In the past, I have had clients in various industries, including market research firms working with well-known global brands, but my specialisation lies in social and behavioural research on health, particularly HIV, sexual and reproductive health. I bring to the table 15 years of experience in direct service and community-based research in health and social care, meaning I understand the language used, including colloquialisms and other forms of slang, particularly on sensitive topics, such as sex and substance use. I have worked on projects, including my own research studies, based in both the U.S. and the UK, so am comfortable with a variety of accents, including those for whom English is not a first language.

Research Support: I also provide a diverse range of research support services, which can include conducting literature reviews, assisting with data sorting and coding, data entry and learning support.  In the past, I have supported clients who were conducting a qualitative study for the first time and needed a second set of eyes to work through data side-by-side with them so they could get a grasp of how to do grounded theory coding. I have also helped clients to develop new ideas and fresh starts when memo writing by providing written feedback on memos. Many of my clients are Master’s and PhD level students conducting their first research projects, though I also provide support to more experienced researchers and research teams, especially those who may be using qualitative methods for the first time. I work primarily in the tradition of ground theory and situational analysis, but in the past, I have also used and consulted on projects using thematic analysis.